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‘Rowland White is by far our most vivid and able chronicler of Britain’s less-known military exploits.’

author of Empire of the Clouds

Welcome to  I really appreciate you taking the time to visit. Thank you. In putting the site together, the hope is to be able to keep interested readers up to date with what I’m up to as well as as share writing and pictures which there was no room to include in the books themselves. I’ll begin with a number of photographs I took during my research for Vulcan 607 and gathered during the research along the way.

Until now they’ve just been sitting on my hard drive. They will be joined soon by similar material gathered as I worked on my Ark Royal book Phoenix Squadron and Storm Front, my recent book about the SAS and the legendary Battle of Mirbat in Oman (masses of aviation action in there too, in case you were worried I’d gone off piste. Alongside my own books and news of what a I’m up to I’ll try to spread the word about anything that’s caught my eye: news, books, TV, movies, other websites etc. I’ll add new material as I have it but there will be regular blog updates and my twitter feed displayed on the homepage so there should be something new to see with each visit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you find and that you’ll come back soon.

Thanks and best wishes